How To Reduce Website Speed

The process of how to reduce the speed of your website is quite easy and important for the smooth operation and fast loading of every page of your website.

Reducing the speed of your site requires some work on your part so that the speed is greatly improved and you can get more traffic to your site.

In this article we will analyze some basic actions that you can do yourself with a plugin.

But before I start analyzing the actions you can take, I personally suggest you do a measurement yourself on Google pageSpeed ​​to get a rating.

By evaluating Google PageSpeed ​​you can see exactly what needs to be improved on your site and improve it.

How To Reduce Website Speed

The following steps can be completed by you with the help of the plug-in WP-Optimize, if you think you can not complete it, contact me to improve your site.

1) Reduce Photo Size

The size of the photos is a very big factor in optimizing the speed of the site.

Reducing the size can be done by editing the images through Photoshop or by installing an add-on in WordPress.

2) Enable Caching

By activating the caching function, you allow the storage of certain files such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to be stored in the cache of each visitor’s browser.

3) Remove topics and add-ons

Another very important issue that is very important for speed optimization, is to remove from your site mainly those that are made With CMS like WordPress, additional themes and add-ons that you do not use.

4) Activate the CDN

Enabling CDN can greatly improve the speed of your website.

The next article will discuss what a CDN is.

5) Website hosting

Hosting your website is one of the most important factors in reducing the speed of your website.

First of all, in order to choose the right hosting for your website, you need to know the type of your website from the beginning, for example, the requirements of a blog are different and those of an online website are different.

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