How to secure your website

Whether it is a website or an online store or even a blog, there are some factors that need special attention for the security of your website.

Before I start explaining what these factors are, let me first analyze why you should pay attention to the security of your website when you build it or even when you own a website or online store.

One of the first reasons I personally give a lot of weight is to personal data. Do you understand I believe that no customer wants leaked credit cards, emails, etc.? privacy.

Also a very big issue that many do not take into account is that if a hacker can and does take control of a website, in fact its owner may even lose access. This entails very serious losses.

All of the above are some of the most important reasons. There are some factors that need a lot of attention.

SSL Certificate

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is necessary for encrypting your website because as the word says, it encrypts the connection between your web server and your client’s browser.

CMS update

Almost all websites are made with CMS (Content Management System), when the CMS with which you have created your website is ready such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. then at regular intervals the team of the respective CMS releases new versions that include new features or bug fixes or both.

Understand that leaving the CMS uninformed can be very dangerous for both you, the owners, and your visitors.

Update Template – Theme

Updating the issue is one of the key criteria to keep the website safe. Themes provided by provide free updates at regular intervals depending on the developer’s policy.

Themes provided for payment outside of, are updated based on the policy of each developer and you should learn from the support of each developer how to properly update the theme.

Update plugins

Like the theme that you have installed on your website, the add-ons that the theme may ask for or even some that you have installed extra so that you can do your job, also need these updates provided by the developer to be safe .

How the add-ons will be updated depends on where you purchased the add-ons. If you have any of the add-ons available on the WordPress platform then the update will be available at regular intervals at, and will appear in the updates.

For add-ons that are paid for and not available in, the update is done differently and you should be informed by the vendor itself.

Back ups

Apart from the updates that you will need to do at regular intervals, another good way to make your website more secure is to keep backups.

To back up there are several plugins that do this job automatically. With these plugins you can create a backup program for example every day, every week or every month.

Security plug-in

The security plug-in is like the antivirus we have on our computer, it can prevent the intrusion of an unwanted user, it allows us to log in to our account with two steps, which means first we enter a username and password and then it sends us a password on mobile that lasts for about two to three minutes.

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